Glengoyne 12yo Highland Single Malt 70cl

Yet another Whisky has topped our best seller list this week, the Glengoyne 12yo Highland Single Malt.

This whisky has a natural, rich golden colour and a very well balanced palate with notes of toffee apples, cinnamon spice, ginger, orange, and shortbread.

On the nose there is coconut oil, lemon zest, honey and dried oak; this whisky really shows the complex flavours of slow distillation and 12 years in exquisite wood.

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One thought on “Glengoyne 12yo Highland Single Malt 70cl

  • Colour: pale straw. Nose: the first impression of these very light, scented waxes with wee touches of citronella and dried mint followed by brown toast, plain dry cereals, oatcakes and talcum powder. Whereas the o was richer and more generous in profile, this one feels a tad more austere, direct and singular (well, it is a single cask ). There s a leafy freshness about the nose as well, with some white fruits, lemon peel and light olive oil. Elegant and very good, even if slightly minimalistic. Mouth: now we are really in eau de vie territories. This one feels far more ideological with these very precise notes of plain malt, grist, oatcakes, cereals, toasted seeds, trail mix and straw. There are fruity aspects but it s rather drier and more bitter fruit qualities such as citrus piths, bitter lemon, grapefruit and tart gooseberry. Finish: good length, very cereal, drying and getting slightly herbal. Comments: I think it was pretty smart to bottle this one as a single cask. Refill wood and time working very well together with some good distillate here. It s quite different from the o, even though you feel a shared ancestry between the two, but overall I think it s the same ballpark of quality. SGP: 361 – 88 points.


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